Manik Hot-Deploy

Eclipse Plugin

Manik-Hot-Deploy is a plugin for the Eclipse IDE which brings hot-deploy to the development of web applications. It supports Glassfish, Payara, JBoss and Wildfly application servers.

Installation Guide


Auto-Deployment means that you simply copy a web- (.war) or enterprise application (.ear) into a specific directory of your application server.The application server will automatically detect the new artefact and starts a deployment process. If the application was already deployed before a redeployment will be started.


Hot-Deplyoment (or incremental deployment) deploys parts of your application during development. This will save you a lot of time during development. Incremental deployment means, that in the moment when you are changing a web resource the change is immediately visible in your application without the need for a redeploy.


Manik Hot-Deploy is an open source project and we invite you to participate in it. If you like it, or if you have any ideas or questions, then follow us on GitHub and start contributing. On the project home on Github you will find several examples and you can also checkout the source code.